If you’re looking for an amazing collection of art, South Wharf Gallery is the place to be. Located in the historic Marlborough district of Auckland, this gallery is a beautiful and intriguing mixture of traditional galleries and contemporary galleries. You’ll find plenty of local artists at South Wharf Gallery, including local artist, photographers, painters, drafters, jewelers and many more.


Gallery hours. South Wharf Gallery’s Gallery Hours. Gallery hours are Mon-Thu, 9am-7pm; Fri-Sat, 9am-7pm; and Sun, noon-5pm. Gallery hours vary during other times of the year.


Gallery location. South Wharf Gallery is located on the corner of Queen Street and Marlborough Street and is located on the corner of Queen Street and Marlborough Street. This location is only about a minute walk from the Central Business District of Auckland. The Gallery is also close to the Auckland Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Gallery facilities and services. Most of South Wharf Gallery’s gallery facilities are open twenty-four hours per day.


Gallery services and prices. Although the Gallery does charge a small membership fee, they offer great quality art, as well as a variety of prices.


Gallery policies. South Wharf Gallery strives to keep its gallery clients happy with their high quality gallery services, as well as fair pricing. They also strive to make sure that their gallery art is up to date. If you need some information about gallery policies, please click on the link at the bottom of this article for information.


Gallery policies. There are a few important Gallery policies that South Wharf Gallery always keeps in mind.


Gallery is not responsible for damaged. If there is damage done to your gallery art, then it is your responsibility. In addition, South Wharf Gallery does not accept liability for any damage that may have been caused by a member of the public.


Gallery accepts returns or exchanges. If you do want to return or exchange artwork with a member of the public, please contact us before hand to see if we accept returns or exchanges.


Gallery accepts refunds. For all returns or exchanges that are due, you can usually apply for a refund online at the gallery. website. We also accept bank deposits or cash payments.


Gallery accepts cancellations. If you want to cancel an event at South Wharf Gallery, you can usually do so online. To do so, simply call our gallery office.


Gallery accepts consignments. If you need to sell your artwork to the gallery, you can usually do so through our website.